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Nine Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media


1. Know your goals and target audience. Focus your social media activities on them.

2. Grow your audience by offering helpful, value-added information.

3. Remember that social media is about building relationships. You can’t buy loyal social media fans, any more than you can buy friends in real life. Be likeable and don’t take yourself too seriously.

4. Content should be creative, authentic and truthful. Do something different to stand out.

5. Be polite, respectful and generous. Use the same tone as you would if you were talking with a client in person.

6. Don’t use a hard sell. Avoid being pushy. Instead, allow people to come to you. The idea is that an engaged follower is more likely to become a costumer.

7. Don’t post material that’s inappropriate or outside your area of expertise.

8. Don’t stop learning and listening to what’s being said about you, your company, your industry and social media. Social media is changing fast, so it’s important to keep an eye on developments.

9. Be patient. Like many relationship, social media success take time to build. "Social media isn’t free," says Richard Toker, a marketing communications consultant in Toronto. "It’s relatively easy and can be free to create, but creating a presence is the tip of the iceberg. Building a following is not free because it takes a lot of time. The only way social media is going to work is to hammer away at tasks on a daily basis. You have to be disciplined and apply yourself."

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