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Monitoring and Measuring your Social Media Success


Here are best practices for monitoring social media.

1. Create a monitoring routine – First, create a social media monitoring routine. It will be executed by the person or people you designated in your social media action plan, described in the "Getting started" section. Step one: Every day, check your social media pages for new comments and other contributions from readers. Engage with your followers as appropriate – thanking people for contributions, answering questions and addressing customer concerns. Also take note of feedback; this can be important business intelligence.

The next step in your monitoring routine should be a search of other social media sites for content relevant to your business. You can do this daily or several times per week, depending on the volume of relevant material you’re finding. Look for mentions of your company, brands and products; consumer questions and complaints; candidates for job openings; content to share in your social media posts; and industry news.

2. Automate your monitoring – Automate your searches to save time. Paid and free services are available to help you do this. Free monitoring services include TweetDeck, Topsy and Social Mention.

3. Check consumer review sites – If they’re going on a trip or buying a car, the first thing most consumers do these days is consult a consumer review site. Sites, such as TripAdvisor and Yelp, are one of the key ways social media has changed consumer behaviour.

4. Create a reputation management checklist – Most mentions of your business in social media are likely to be positive or basic product questions. When you see such mentions, respond promptly, beginning with a thank you. Deepen your relationship by taking the time to give a full answer, and perhaps offer a link to a useful article or web resource. This will build trust and encourage others to make contributions. Also, invite the person to subscribe to your social media pages and visit your website for more information.

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