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Nicola MacNaughton: Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2009

It was Nicola MacNaughton’s commitment to excellence and entrepreneurial spirit that led her to found Occupational Concepts, the largest private state-of-the-art occupational therapy rehabilitation facility in Atlantic Canada.

Moving to Canada from England with her parents and brother in 1975, Nicola MacNaughton became the first child of many generations to attend university. With a passion for education and strong determination, Nicola proved to be a trend setter in her every endeavor.

After graduating from the occupational therapy program from McGill University in 1990, she began working for the New Brunswick Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB). Occupational Therapy helps enable occupation through a client-centered approach. In work rehabilitation, occupational therapy helps an ill or injured worker to return to work. 

For ten years Nicola stayed focused on skill development in work rehabilitation with the WCB. A pattern began to surface as she changed departments every two years, striving to obtain new knowledge.  In early 1999, she realized that she had run out of departments to transfer to and from. This led Nicola to re-evaluate her career path and embark on an exciting journey.

Drawing advice from the local Chamber of Commerce, Nicola knew that it was her time to jump on the entrepreneurial band-wagon. In September of 1999, Occupational Concepts opened its doors for business. Nicola was now part of the five per cent of Occupational Therapists in New Brunswick to be a private practice owner. 

Knowing how important it is to be one-step ahead in life, Nicola was chosen as one of the two candidates for the Occupational Therapy Post Professional Masters Degree program at Dalhousie University. Five years later Nicola is an adjunct professor and is in the midst of developing a new course for the ongoing post professional program.

Occupational Concepts is a state-of-the-art Occupational Therapy assessment, rehabilitation and training facility located in Moncton, New Brunswick.  Its clients are individuals who have suffered an injury or illness that has resulted in a disability preventing them from engaging in their everyday occupations of self-care, leisure and work.  Equipped with a team of occupational therapists, a physiotherapist, kinesiologists and a psychologist and physician, Occupational Concepts commits to enabling occupation.

Nicola not only gauges success on her bottom line profit but on the ability to maintain a positive work environment.  This extends not only to the clients that they rehabilitate, but also to her professional, administrative and management team.  Nicola is truly proud to have created an environment where everyone comes to work because they want to be there. It is a place where clients feel confident in the expertise of their therapist and their referral sources know that they can count on consistent effective delivery of service. 
Occupational Concepts demonstrates its commitment to excellence with a training budget of $47,000 per year to ensure that they have the most highly trained professionals, equipment and “State of the Art” facility available in the service industry.

Occupational Concepts is recognized for the depth of experience within the Company.  As the owner, Nicola MacNaughton has 17 years of experience in the work rehabilitation field and her clinical manager has 16 years experience.  The result is a team that are mentored by a well qualified management team.  Occupational Concepts is also recognized for their state of the art facility.  It is the largest occupational therapy owned facility in the Atlantic region. 

 “Nicola is an extremely strong and driven individual.  She has an ability to take on, manage, and be successful with multiple projects at once.  Sitting around doing nothing is not part of who she is, unless of course she has book in her hand. Keeping a balanced life with work and family is important to her. I am very proud of Nicola in everything that she has done and know that I will be as proud in every thing that is to come,” says her husband and business partner, Paul MacNaughton.



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