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Jumpstart 720 International Inc

2012, Phenomenal Woman of the Year, and Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the NB Association of CBDCs

Be a “Fulfillment House”—Inspiring Individuals, Businesses and Communities to Grow

“Go the extra mile—with a smile!”

Dynamic, authentic, genuine, knowledgeable and approachable are just some of the many ways to describe Paula Morand--entrepreneur, business professional, author, actor,  broadcaster, and writer. This amazing woman who radiates an energy and warmth is a true inspiration. Paula is the Founder and CEO of Jumpstart 720 International Inc., located in Moncton, NB, whose innovative coaching firm  works regionally, nationally and internationally to increase human potential through business, leadership and community growth programs..

According to Paula, “I have a desire to see people learn, develop and produce results and because of this commitment to help people live and work more intentionally, we have grown to delivering  programs and services that grow business, build leaders and impact communities.
If there is a will, there is a way. Jumpstart 720 International Inc. is passionate about filling needs. “Our commitment to business and individual growth are necessary investments that are made to each client.”

Paula is always ensuring that her business is keeping new and current with tendencies in her sector. “Many of the opportunities that JumpStart 720 has taken advantage of have come from either being asked to create something new or identifying a gap in the industry.”

In the fall of 2007, Paula knew it was time to take her services to a new level. She developed Executive Coaching Program and registered her company as a Publishing House, with the birth of her first publication, a 295 page self discovery tool and companion guide. The launch of this program in January of 2008 has gained appeal from British Columbia to Atlantic Canada and even internationally.

This product was specially niche marketed for women entrepreneurs and professionals and the development officers with the NB Association of CBDCs have highly recommended this program to their clients. Paula facilitated tear-jerking and thought provoking retreats across the province from St. Andrews to Doaktown and beyond, client feedback has been incredible. Always innovate, JumpStart 720 has also developed a Success Tracker System which is soon to be published and plans to develop an IT product that will provide clients with optimal results will also be launched in 2010.

A positive attitude and a clear vision are also key factors in Paula’s success. Her company’s core values speak of excellence, building relationships and to be a “Fulfillment House-helping individuals, businesses, and communities to develop processes for learning, growing and producing results.” Paula loves to connect with people and strives for whole living by creating work that blends so perfectly into her life. She believes day .  that everyday is an opportunity to learn something new whether it is through mentorship, educational opportunities, networking or through experiential learning.”

Paula Morand also believes in the concept of reciprocity-Giver’s Get! Giving back locally, nationally and internationally, she has stayed true to her core values and continues to build a brand that stands for integrity and caring for others. Her business was started, “To fulfill a life purpose to make a difference in the lives of others.” Some of her many initiatives include: BizGrow with CBDC Westmorland-Albert,  DIVA Network with  the NB Association of CBDCs (Southeast) and Mission Possible with the Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce. Paula also supports youth at risk, job creation, women’s issues and international development through projects such as YouthBuild, JobCRE8, Beyond Barriers and the IF Campaign

Award winning and distinguished, Paula has just recently released “Overcomers Inc” an anthology project with 39 international authors and the book has shot to #1 Bestseller in three categories on Amazon.com and list as one of the 50 Bestselling books in October 2009.  “This book project is so exciting for me as the whole concept of Overcoming obstacles speaks exactly to everything my company is about”.  Paula continues to say , “ Everybody has a story and teaching people how to become more assertive and to accept who they are and to envision where they want to be is the first step in overcoming barriers and to embracing a life of meaning and worth”. She has served on many boards and committees and currently sits  on the National Advisory Counsel for Women’s Issues. Furthermore, in 2009, Paula has been nominated for the Phenomenal Woman of the Year and the New Brunswick Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award

As an entrepreneur, Paula Morand has had successes and failures during her rich history of being a business owner. She often experienced great times of confidence and other times of fear. Through all of this, Paula continues to live a life set in motion and continues to be creative, innovative and to always have the willingness to take a risk and reach for her true potential—while seeking it in others.

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