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Strong & Free

Entrepreneur Denise Dow Knows The True Meaning of Strong & Free

For Denise Dow of Saint John, N.B., “Strong & Free” is the realization of a lifelong dream to provide Canadians worldwide with an emblem that allows them to display their patriotism. Strong & Free became a reality in September of 2006 when Denise traced three maples leafs from her backyard and carved the shape into wood. From there, she took the model to Plastech in Notre-Dame, N.B., where it was prototyped and manufactured. Canadian weather not being very flag-friendly, the emblem provides proud Canadians with an affordable and meaningful alternative that can be used year-round and is practically maintenance free.

Denise was born in Saint John, N.B., and has lived and worked there for most of her life, apart from a year in Montreal and another in Orange County, California. She graduated from Simonds High School in 1976 and went to UNBSJ part-time, taking computer and business courses while working in the computer field. She has really enjoyed her 30 year career in IT but always had a strong desire to be an entrepreneur.

“Strong & Free is all about passion... passion to create an emblem that is meaningful to other Canadians. Strong & Free is also about sharing that passion and providing a symbol to my children and other young Canadians, a symbol that says that in this country, you can make your dreams come true if you truly believe in them.”

This proud and patriotic Canadian’s passion has fuelled her success. The Strong & Free product lines continue to grow as Denise continues to partner with licensees to bring quality items to the auto accessories section of Canadian Tire stores, and online pewter souvenirs and clothing.

Feedback on the emblem has been very positive. “I think Canadians are very patriotic, but they have never been given a means to show it… Strong & Free provides a practical, easy to install option. It’s up to them to decide if they want to embrace it. The most rewarding aspect of being an entrepreneur is how much I enjoy working on "Strong & Free"... no really, I love it!” Denise’s passion for her work is contagious, and she received strong support from her friends and family who encouraged her to follow her dream.

With our troops engaged in supporting human rights across the globe, people are more aware of our position on the world stage. Canadians have always had a reputation for being considerate world citizens who are proud of their nationality. Denise has created a symbol that Canadians living at home and abroad can use to show that they are proud to call Canada their home.

Denise has just introduced a new online licensed apparel licensee website (www.StrongAndFreeApparel.com). Her goal is to continue to create a "virtual wave" of Canadian pride from sea to sea in time for the 2017 Canada 150 Strong.Proud.Free!
“What better time to show the world that Canadians are proud to be Strong & Free!”

This passionate and proud business owner truly knows the meaning of being Strong & Free.

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