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Mrs Gisèle Martin is an extraordinary woman who has vision. Gisèle is a true businesswoman.
At barely 12 years old, her favourite pastime was to sell products by catalogue to her teachers.

At 14, she dreamed of becoming a hair stylist. She got married and one thing leading to another, in 1991, she started making and repairing clothing from home.

In September of 1995, she underwent a training offered to women designed at opening them the doors of entrepreneurship.

Following this training, she decided to pursue her dream and completed a hairstyling course.  In 1997, she opened her own hair salon with tanning bed. Then, in 2001, she incorporated a gift shop to her salon.

A jewellery store was added in 2003 and O-Bo-Coffret was created in the spring of 2004. She then transformed her gift shop in a women’s clothing boutique.  In 2006, the « Mercerie », a men’s clothing store, opened its doors in Saint-Quentin.

In 2010, she opened a new women’s boutique as well as another men’s clothing store in Grand Falls. This year, she is adding a new lingerie line for women in her two boutiques.

In November of 2011, she received the Mérite Prestige Award from the Grand Falls, Drummond and Saint-André Chamber of Commerce.

Gisèle is first and foremost a woman and a mother. She is very proud of her family.

Once again Gisèle, congratulations for your outstanding achievement!

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"I would like to thank you for picking Ben's Clothing for the retail consulting makeover.  I very much enjoyed talking to Barbara.  She has wonderful insites on what to do to refresh my store.  I was extremly excited of the ideas put together thats in my budget for now and also in the near future.
The 1st part of the seminar, had opened my eyes to the reality of my challenges and concerns, statistics, operating cost and marketing which is a huge part that can not be ignored. It's a must to have a list of issues to know it and control it.  This is a large part of my battles that I face but placed them in the back burner. 
When Barbara came into my store I wasn't sure what to expect because in the seminar she was leaning towards makeovers for a new store or toronto style store.  I had no idea that a little bit of paint in a different color will bring out what I want to promote.  She had alot of new ideas that are in the budget and I'm going to make it happen!
Thank you again for filling me in with the seminars that are offered.  I'm always willing to get informed and always moving forward."

- Hazel McLean

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