Development Officer, Export and International Trade, Women in Business New Brunswick
Claire Ephestion
Claire Ephestion is the development officer responsible for Export and International Trade with Women in Business New Brunswick. She is eager to bring her diverse experience in international markets to counsel, support and help women entrepreneurs with their export projects.

Foreign languages, travel and international affairs always interested Claire. In 2002, after receiving her diploma in international commerce, she joined a small business located in the west of France. The business was in full growth and wanted to start exporting. After two years in a sales role, she was promoted to commercial director of the company. This experience enabled her to master skills in areas such as commercial development, new market expansion through export. As well, Claire participated in numerous international sales missions.

In the years that followed, Claire gained in depth knowledge of export in areas such as children’s clothing and birth gifts, in roles such as Major Account Manager. She also enhanced her expertise working for a family company that made scented candles. She was happy to find a family company that offered high quality French products to foreign markets.

Export savvy with an entrepreneurial spirit

Not only is Claire export savvy but she also has an entrepreneurial spirit. In September of 2015, she and husband created a company in New Brunswick that offered commercial development services in North American markets to French industrialists.

Claire is fluent in English, French and Spanish. In her spare time she enjoys rock, music, dancing, running, travel and the cinema.