Market Requirements, Regulations and Standards

Depending on the type of goods sold and the markets targeted, you may need to customize your product or service. You can get information about standards and regulations of the local regulatory agency of the targeted country (ex. The US Food and Drug Administration).

Trade Commissioners in 160 cities around the world can also help you.

Export Requirements for Goods

For this, please refer to the checklist on the Canada Border Services Agency of Canada website.

Handy Guide

This guide provides an overview for businesses exporting commercial goods from Canada.

Communication Style

Often, it is necessary to adapt your website, social networks and communication media to meet the needs of export markets. Some regional organizations offer funds to support you in this process; for instance, LearnSphere's Export Funding NB provides financial assistance to develop and integrate electronic tools to get your products and services to international markets more efficiently.


It's not always possible to reproduce your distribution method internationally. You may have to adapt your approach to each targeted area. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Negotiate directly with each client: B2B (trade between professionals) or B2C (sale to the final consumer). Direct trading is limited to markets and cultures similar to Canada. If the market is very different, assistance from an intermediary may be necessary.
  • Recruit a local intermediary to benefit from their knowledge of the market, network and clientele.
  • Partner with a subcontractor: partnership with a local company that manufactures and distributes your products.
  • Acquire or create a structure abroad.