Many factors must be considered when calculating price. It is key to remain consistent with the positioning you want to have in your target market and in relation to local and international competition.


Here is a dimensional weight calculator.

The choice of freight forwarder, customs broker and mode of transport (road, rail, air, sea, freight consolidation or full container) will affect your cost. The freight forwarder can usually offer a full service (transportation, customs clearance, transport insurance) and you benefit from negotiated rates. 

Incoterms® 2020

Created in 1936 by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to facilitate and regulate international trade, Incoterms® define the sharing of costs and responsibilities between the seller and the buyer. These rules are recognized and used throughout the world in contracts for the sale of goods. The latest version was issued in 2020. You can access information on Incoterms through the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Payment Terms

In order to be competitive, you may need to grant payment terms. Export Development Canada (EDC) can help you secure your receivables, protect against payment default and provide you with a bank guarantee to increase your lines of credit.

Currency Hedging

If the sales contract is drawn up in the buyer's currency, your financial institution can offer you guarantees against the fluctuation of the exchange rate in order to secure your profit margin: Forward foreign exchange transaction, change (collar) or currency option.