Omobolaji Akintola
Omobolaji Akintola
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Many sources of information on countries are available to help you with your market research. This will allow you to assess the potential of your product and/or service and target your priority markets.

Global Affairs Canada

Go beyond the dos and don'ts with Global Affairs Canada Country Insights.

Export Development Canada (EDC)

Explore EDC's market evaluation and country risk rating.

Free-Trade Agreements

Canada has signed a number of free-trade agreements with foreign countries. This trade network gives Canadian companies preferred access to markets all over the world. 

Trade Tariffs

You will find information by country on the Global Affairs Canada website. To proceed, you must know the customs code for each of your products.

Local Competition

Market potential is influenced by local and international competitors. Perform a competitive assessment to understand the market, to prepare and then adapt. Identify direct and indirect competitors. Collect and analyze commercial data by visiting company websites.

SWOT Analysis

An analysis of your company’s Strengths and Weaknesses should be a key component of your strategic planning process. This easy-to-use tool also identifies your company’s Opportunities and any Threats it faces (hence the term “SWOT”). 

International Events

International trade fairs are an excellent source of information on the local market, the competition and the expectations of targeted customers. It is also a great way to network and forge relationships.