Resources and Finances
Internal: What systems are in place to help you track your financial information? Will they provide you with all the required information to make informed decisions or how should they be adapted?

External: Do you have the cash flow? Do you have the financial resources?

Internal: What systems are in place to help you evaluate customer satisfaction? How will you adapt that system to reflect your new market?

External: How will your customers perceive your new projects?

Internal Process
Internal: How will you adapt your present communication, decision making, planning and performance management processes? Are you ready?

Internal: Do you need any specific skills or training? Do you have the required human resources? Do they have the required skills or training? Do you have the capacity? How much extra time can you invest in your business?

External: Do you have the supply? Do you have the space? Do you have the marketing tools?

Transportation and Distribution
The logistics behind the distribution of your products and services can have a major impact on your bottom line. Examine ways you can ensure your project distribution methods are optimal.

Inter-provincial Regulations
Provincial and territorial legislation requires you to register your corporation in each province and territory in which you will conduct business. For example, a New Brunswick entrepreneur wanting to do work in British Columbia will have to register with the provincial and territorial registrar of that province.

Selling Online
When trading in an electronic environment, all existing laws (for example: laws governing incorporation, registration of trade name, taxation, consumer protection, misleading advertising, import, export and intellectual property) apply equally to traditional trade.

Strategic Procurement is a division of Service New Brunswick. They manage the purchase of goods and services for departments, agencies and school districts. Strategic Procurement offers the best value for money while ensuring that all suppliers who compete for government contract have a fair and open opportunity to do so.

For information regarding construction procurements.

Selling to the Government of Canada
Find opportunities to sell your products or services to the Federal Government.

Learn about the process when submitting your proposal for the Build in Canada Innovation Program.

Find out about contract bidding opportunities used by Public Services and Procurement Canada.

Factors outside your control include the:
  • Cost of compensation
  • Environmental restraints
  • Trade agreements affecting supplies
  • Information on competitors
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