The International Peer-to-Peer Exchange Program seeks to forge lasting relationships between female entrepreneurs in New Brunswick and women in other countries operating in similar sectors.

A win-win exchange
Strictly speaking, this is not a mentorship program because the “twinned” companies are of comparable size and at similar stages of their development. The peer-to-peer component is designed to facilitate mutually beneficial discussions between women business owners, who also stand to benefit from their foreign peer’s skills and experience.

Ongoing support
The program includes at least one 60-to-90 minute online meeting per month, during which the “twins” can discuss best practices, markets, industries, cultural differences, local operations, etc.

More than a mere information exchange, the program allows women to support each other as they seek to develop foreign sales by sharing key contacts, making connections and facilitating access to their local markets.

Things to consider
Each participant is required to complete a learning plan reflecting their needs and expectations. This also makes it possible to monitor project status.

The participants are asked to sign a confidentiality and conflict-of-interest agreement to ensure secure discussions and peace of mind.

Every two months, a virtual group meeting attended by all participants will be held. The goal is to build team spirit, encourage groups who may need assistance, evaluate project status, assess benefits and compare challenges along the way, etc.

Participants simply need a computer with a microphone and a camera, in addition to a reliable Internet connection.

Under the program, Women in Business New Brunswick and the partner organization from a foreign country will provide one year of assistance to the various “twins”. The program also seeks to create lasting friendships and long-term partnerships among the participants.

Inaugural cohort with Germany
This project is currently being led by WBNB and the German Association of Women Entrepreneurs (Verband deutscher Unternehmerinnen/VdU).

The official launch took place on May 28, 2020 during a virtual group meeting. Representatives of Global Affairs Canada, the German Embassy in Ottawa and the Canadian Embassy in Berlin joined the event to congratulate the nine pairs of German and Canadian women who will be twinned over the coming year.


If you are interested in taking part in the International Peer-to-Peer Exchange program next year, please contact WBNB at info@wbnb-fanb.ca