by: Women in Business NB

In this 3-part series of interactive online workshops, facilitator Jennifer Kikkert will help you regain the time you waste every day without knowing it as well as evaluate the effectiveness of our operational processes, thus optimizing the time you have available.

Part 1 and 2: Productivity & Optimizing Time

  • Be introduced to what productivity truly is and is not, and why you should care
  • Learn how to identify what is the true priority work you need to focus on
  • Find the minutes & even hours you are unknowingly losing each day
  • Learn how to maximize and optimize the time you have at work

Part 3: Analyzing & Improving your Processes to Create More Value

  • Understand what processes you have in your organization and which ones are critical versus enablers
  • Prioritize the areas requiring the most improvement
  • How to map our your processes and identify the areas of process waste that go unnoticed
  • Methods to streamline and improve your processes to be more efficient and flexible going forward

Coaching hours (Add-on)

To deepen and customize your learning experience, and to give you opportunities to discuss your specific business concerns confidentially, you can access up to 8 hours of one-on-one coaching with the subject matter expert after the workshop.

To reserve your one-on-one coaching session(s), click on "ticket" and select the desired number of hours in the "Add-ons" section.

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Open to New Brunswick organizations only. Helping you #getbacktobusiness: LearnSphere’s ProfitLearn online workshops are being provided at a discounted rate, through funding from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and ONB. 

This ProfitLearn online workshop is hosted in partnership with Women in Business New Brunswick. For more information, please contact audrey.poitras@wbnb-fanb.ca

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