by: Women in Business NB and Atlantic Canadian Women in Growth Partnership
Starting September

WBNB Business Mentorship - Mentors

Running from September to November 2022, WBNB’s business mentoring program is a three-month initiative undertaken by WBNB under the Atlantic Canadian Women in Growth Partnership.

This unique one-on-one mentoring program seeks to boost the confidence and capabilities of businesswomen across New Brunswick.

Each mentee will be twinned with a mentor, who will be tasked with providing individual support. Hosted group sessions will serve as a forum for discussing obstacles hindering women entrepreneurs from under-represented groups. Participants will also explore the underlying causes of the problems they are facing while devising strategies to resolve them. 

Entrepreneurial culture cannot be formally taught in the classroom; it can only be understood and communicated via our life experience. The group sessions will give WBNB’s business mentoring participants a chance to share their experiences and provide each other with support as they strengthen their understanding of New Brunswick’s business culture.

For this cohort, the program will be given exclusively in French.

WBNB is currently seeking female mentors to take part in this program. 

||||| REGISTRATION FORM - BE A MENTOR   (*Registration Form only in French)

For more information, please contact: Isabelle Arseneau (isabelle.arseneau@wbnb-fanb.ca)