Owner: The Corey Family
Established: 1982
Q and A Session with Emily Corey, Corey Nutrition Company

Q: How did you choose your business name?
EC: In the early days, we were a company that manufactured feeds for aquaculture under the name Corey Feed Mills. As our company grew, we expanded our catalogue to include pet foods. At this time, the name Corey Feed Mills no longer fit our business. In 2010, we transformed to Corey Nutrition Company to better reflect our principles of high-quality pet and aquaculture feeds. Using our family name is a point of pride, a measure of quality and an opportunity to communicate our family values to our customers.

Q: How would you describe your business?
EC: Corey Nutrition is a manufacturer of premium pet and aquaculture foods. We are the manufacturers of Inukshuk Professional Dog Food, North Paw Dog and Cat Food, ProSeries Dog and Cat Food, Corey Aquafeeds, and a variety of private label foods. We serve domestic markets, and export around the globe.

Q: In what markets do you currently operate?
EC: We currently export to 22 countries, including those in North America, South America and Asia.

Q: What markets would you like to penetrate in the short-term?
EC: Our focus for 2020 is to further our penetration into the Asian markets, particularly China, India, and Russia. Canadian products are perceived to be of the upmost quality and are in high demand within these regions. With an increasing middle class comes an increase in pet ownership and a demand for premium goods for these pets.

Q: How would you describe your greatest achievements and successes?
EC: Over the past five years, we’ve aggressively diversified our business to be a strong player in both the pet food and aquaculture industries, with a particular focus on export development. I’ve had the pleasure of undertaking this task with my father and two of my brothers. We have a lot to be proud of!

Q: Describe the biggest challenges you have encountered or continue to face as a woman entrepreneur?
EC: It has been exciting to watch an increasing number of my female counterparts step into high level management positions within their family businesses throughout New Brunswick. We are collectively working to further ourselves and have become a driving economic force in the region, both as entrepreneurs and business owners. We are resilient in our actions and dedicated to shifting the bar for women who are interested in business.

Q: What advice would you offer women starting a business?
EC: Be assertive. Take risks. Be heard. Mistakes are simply a part of the learning process.